Data Centre Network Architect

We are looking for an experienced Data Center Network Architect.

The ideal candidate has a minimum of 8 years of relevant experience in the IT field including a minimum of 5 years in a similar position or network administration. We are looking for an independent, structured, responsible and dynamic person who wants to be part of an experienced, ambitious and passionate technology team. The challenges that await you are daunting. You will work on many projects supported by the latest technology

As a Network Architect,  you will be responsible for: 

  • Participate in the design and integration of new network deployments and propose improvements to the current infrastructure of the entire network
  • Ensure the proper operation of all devices and get involved in troubleshooting and resolving any reported network issues.
  • Maintain the infrastructure by making the necessary network configuration changes.
  • Participate in the improvement of existing network practices and procedures
  • Document technical procedures and standards as well as create and maintain architectural drawings
  • Propose, document and integrate monitoring, control, audit, reporting and support procedures.
  • Act as a mentor and guide for junior network administrators.
  • Proactively monitor the network using available monitoring tools, report and resolve identified issues
  • Be available to be part of an on-call team at all times

Relevant Experience and skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of Cisco and/or Juniper routing and switching product lines
  • In-depth knowledge of Cisco Catalyst 6500 and Juniper MX / EX platforms
  • Knowledge of HSRP, VRRP, VSS and VC technologies
  • Knowledge of TCP / IP, IPv6, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, VRF, etc.
  • Excellent knowledge of the BGP routing protocol
  • Excellent knowledge of LAN protocols (Ethernet, Spanning Tree, Trunk, VTP, LACP)
  • Experience in the field of ISP type networks and data center
  • Connectivity Experience (VPN, Firewall, Local Loop, Dark Fiber, DWDM, CWDM)
  • Practical experience in a critical data center network environment
  • Experience in data center network architectures, services and protocols such as load balancing, etc.
  • Experience with Open Source applications and Linux-based operating systems

Benefits :

  • Vacation days based on experience
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home
  • Subsidized public transport<
  • Free parking 
  • Reimbursement of the internet connection at home
  • No dress code
  • Medica, dental and life insurance